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I’m just gonna stay angry. I find that relaxes me.

This is one of the best things ever.

Rick Grimes in A

The man.

I’m probably the luckiest actor in the world going down there because I have never met a cast and a crew more inviting than the people on ‘The Walking Dead.’ I remember calling my mom on my first day saying, ‘All right mom, I’m going to work. Hopefully I don’t eat lunch alone,’ ‘cause that was just a joke when I was little. I used to say I would eat lunch alone all the time. I got there and all the actors were eating and I went and I sat down at a table by myself and they all got up and they were like, ‘Alanna, get over here! What are you doing?’ And I was like, ‘No, it’s OK, you guys.’ I’m like the new kid, I don’t want them to feel like they have to entertain me. I’m a very low-maintenance person. I’m like, ‘No, I’m OK.’ They’re like, ‘Get over here!’ and I went and sat down.
Alanna Masterson [x] (via the-walking-dead-amc)

The best.

If you think you’ve seen him at the limit before, you don’t know what the limit is. - Robert Kirkman

"Season four’s finale is nothing you’re expecting. I’ve read all predictions and none of them are right. No-one’s going to be able to figure out this ending - so it’s going to be a really exciting thing to watch people respond to!" - Danai Gurira

Can’t wait!


Actually really good career advice from a laughing homicidal madman.

No, I don’t think there was really any other option. There’s a lot of nature vs. nurture going on in this episode to look at. As much as it broke Carol’s heart to have to do this and to realize this had to be done, when they were walking toward the flowers in that scene and Lizzie says, “You’re mad at me and I’m sorry.” You’d think she’d be sorry for stabbing her sister to death but instead she’s sorry for pointing gun at her and she just doesn’t get it.
Melissa McBride ("Did Carol have any option other than killing Lizzie?") [x] (via the-walking-dead-amc)

Yes! I noticed this and pointed it out to friends. It was Carol’s only option.

You can’t not go to a wedding you RSVPed to. You have to respect the sanctity of the RSVP.